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Everyone dreams of living the idyllic island life at some point in their lives and where better to experience it than St. Barths? Enjoy glorious beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of activities. Whether you’re interested in shopping, water sports, hikes or picnics, there’s something for everyone.

With so many fantastic options, how can you decide what to do in just one weekend? Well, we’re here to help! Here are some of our top picks…

Feeling active?

There are some truly spectacular hikes to be enjoyed around the island so whether you’re super fit or enjoy a more relaxed meander, there are plenty to choose from. We definitely recommend the sunrise hike at Colombier – don’t forget your camera for this one! Hiking along to the natural pools is also a firm favourite – you can read more about all of the options available in our blog. Another popular hike is Vitet; known as the highest point of the island, this spot offers picturesque panoramic vistas. However, it is quite a trek so fair warning to all who attempt it!

Not feeling the hikes? That’s okay, St. Barths offers incredible spots for watersports. Fortunately, the Grand Cul de Sac located steps from Le Sereno Hotel is one of those spots. Whether you fancy paddling around on one of our stand-up paddleboards, cruising on a canoe, or going full out with kite surfing, this is the place to do it. Did we mention it’s super safe for children? A not-to-be-missed activity: jet skis at sunset. There’s nothing more magical than watching the skies change while you zip around in paradise.

Slow It Down

If you fancy something more relaxed, we have several suggestions. St. Barths is an incredible shopping destination. Although it may seem too small to have anything decent, you’d be surprised by all of the fabulous French boutiques lining the Port in Gustavia and St. Jean. Make sure to schedule this in carefully as there’s a limited window from 16:30 – 19:30 to visit. In the meantime, pop into Le Sereno’s LARUSMIANI shop for some quality Italian products. Read our full shopping guide blog here. While you’re shopping up a storm, keep an eye out for the iconic Ligne St. Barths products. Produced on the island, these products are a must-buy!

Live The Life

Food, food, food! Have we mentioned that there are over 50 restaurants in St. Barths? There are a few standouts that we can recommend including Le Sereno’s beachside restaurant for an Italian luncheon. Another local, Zion, is a great spot for a tasty casual dinner. For more of a vibe, head to Bonito at the port in Gustavia. Restaurants aren’t your only option though as our creative culinary team would be only happy to curate a picnic basket for you to take to the beach – Gouverneur and Saline are two of our favourites for this.

Another firm favourite among our guests is a day of dancing at Nikki Beach on Sundays, sometimes these days are themed and lots of fun! Alternatively, Bagatelle offers an evening option to hit the dancefloor. You need not worry about getting around the island when staying at Le Sereno as we have several cars available for rent on the property – even electric ones!

It’s also completely okay to decide you’d like to relax on a seaside lounger, take a dip, and book some pampering at our spa. Whatever tickles your fancy, there’s no better place than St. Barths so book your stay at Le Sereno Hotel today!

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