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Preserving Paradise: Le Sereno's Commitment to Marine Conservation

Discover the allure of Le Sereno, where luxury meets a profound commitment to nature and marine conservation. Immerse yourself in our Coral Restoration Programme, an innovative collaboration with local marine experts, inviting guests to actively engage in rejuvenating and preserving the vibrant coral reefs encircling the island. As we stand within the Grand Cul de Sac marine reserve, our beach is not only a haven for water sports enthusiasts but also a sanctuary for diverse turtle species. Our Turtle Concierge, dedicated to educating and guiding guests on turtle nesting and hatching, offers unique experiences to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. At Le Sereno, we not only provide unparalleled luxury but also foster a deep connection with nature, ensuring our guests play a vital role in the conservation of St. Barths’ marine life. Elevate your stay with us and indulge in the beauty of sustainable luxury.

Kite Surfing in Grand Cul de Sac

Le Sereno’s beach is renowned worldwide as a premier kite surfing destination. The lagoon is shallow, the coral reef stops the waves, and north-eastern exposure to the trade winds make it a kite surfer’s dream. For the more advanced, a trip outside of the barrier reef into the open ocean is an experience to remember. Please contact us to arrange lessons or rent equipment.

Kids at Le Sereno

Kids are always welcome at Le Sereno and many parents find our beachside hotel to be the ideal place to stay for their family vacation in St. Barths. This, in part, is attributable to our location at Grand Cul de Sac, where the bay is quite shallow and virtually devoid of waves providing the perfect place for little ones to frolic and older children to kayak, paddle board and explore. Even more, we delight in pampering our youngest guests with special gifts and amenities and have a specially priced kids’ menu in the restaurant. For parents who want some alone time at our romantic St. Barths beach hotel, babysitting and other services can be easily arranged by our team.

St. Barths Beaches

Arguably one of St. Barths’ most renowned beach destination, the idyllic lagoon outside Le Sereno Hotel offers an endless array of tropical treasures—pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, expansive corral reefs, and stunning ocean scenery. Watersports are front and center in Grand Cul-de-Sac; on top of kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and snorkeling, it’s known as one of the world’s premier destinations for kite surfing.

There are numerous other beaches dotted around our magnificent island. Just a short hike from Grand Cul-de-Sac, Petit Cul-de-Sac offers some of the island’s most spectacular natural scenery. Take the elevated coastal trail—with views over wild goats, coral reefs, and glistening waters—and you’ll eventually reach the area’s stunning natural pools. Jump in or simply admire the view; either way, this is one of our most highly recommended spots on St. Barths.

For more information on the amazing beaches surrounding St Barths, read through Best Beaches in St. Barths.


St Barths is beautiful above the surface, but it might be even more breathtaking beneath it. A treasure trove of coral reefs, exotic fish, sea turtles, and vibrant marine life, this underwater world offers a crystal clear insight into the secrets of the Caribbean Sea. Grab your complimentary snorkeling equipment from Le Sereno, find your favorite coral reef (we recommend Colombier Beach), and dive on in! Scuba diving charters are also available for those who are interested.

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Looking for a quick excursion to explore those hard-to-access beaches and coral reefs? Look no further than the kayaks and stand-up paddleboards available at Le Sereno. Perfect for a serene afternoon in Grand Cul de Sac or even a venture out onto the open ocean, these complimentary activities are both exciting and great exercise. With some luck, you may even encounter some native marine life—like sea turtles or dolphins.


If your idea of a good time involves drifting on the open ocean and reeling in enormous fish, you’ve come to the right place. Surrounded by the legendary sport fishing waters of the Caribbean Sea, St. Barths offers a game selection like no other—from blue marlin to wahoo to yellowfin tuna.

Contact Le Sereno to book a private charter with one of the island’s several marinas.

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