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Lake Como’s climate is one of the things that makes it an enviable holiday destination. The mediterranean-like climate means this unique location enjoys mild weather for most of the year. That being said, on the odd occasion, Italy’s iconic passion is sometimes mirrored in its weather. When planning an Italian, lakeside getaway it’s important to consider what Mother Nature has in store. We’ve put together a Lake Como weather guide to make sure you know what to expect on your next visit.

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Summer in Lake Como falls over the months from June to September. Temperatures in July and August reach 30 degrees celsius, making for perfect weather to lounge by the pool or spend the day on the beach. Watersport conditions are also ideal, since the water temperatures are known to be much warmer too. One of the main benefits of summer on the lake is that it offers a cooling respite from the high temperatures that the area enjoys. During the evenings the temperatures are know to cool dramatically as the sun does down – resulting in a pleasant outdoor weather during the day, without sweltering heat at night. It is important to remember that the summer time is the most crowded, with residents of Milano escaping the city’s heat. That being said, the beauty of the lake is worth having to share it.  


Spring bursts into bloom after the heavy rainfall in mid March. By April and May, the flowers and greenery have spouted, and the days begin to heat up. Spring in Lake Como is a sight to behold. Despite the number of beach days dwindling, a spring visit to Como will reward you with quieter restaurants, spectacular vegetation and temperatures averaging 20 degrees celsius.


While the Fall transition is hardly as dramatic as destinations with harsher climates, as the leaves change in Lake Como so do warm hues and breathtaking sunsets. The months of September and October are perfect for anyone looking for a last hurrah before winter descends, and fall temperatures average around 15 degrees Celsius.


Winter runs from November to February, with January being the coldest month. Winter temperatures average highs of 8 degrees Celsius. There are cases of it snowing on the surrounding mountain tops, but this is quite rare. While the crisp winter air makes for picturesque vistas, and crystal clear reflections over the lake, many of the popular tourist attractions close during this time of year – so that’s important to consider.

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Il Sereno Lago di Como is open from the March 16th until November 6th to take full advantage of the long summer days and Italian sunshine. Whether you prefer the mild Spring, the colourful fall or the dazzling summer, book your next vacation with iL Sereno by calling, emailing or visiting our website today.

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