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In the grand tradition of guests traveling and experiencing Lake Como via boat, Il Sereno commissioned three custom Cantiere Ernesto Riva boats from the namesake family that has been building boats by hand in the nearby town of Laglio since 1771.

Il Sereno guests are able to travel to other destinations on the lake via two Jetto’s or the grand Vaporina del Lago which features interiors designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Wine tasting and cooking classes

Enjoy the local and exquisite flavours with either a wine tasting or a real Italian cooking experience.


Lake Como offers an enormous variety of hiking possibilities, from easy walks for families to the more difficult ones for skilled hikers.

The itineraries we present allow you to discover the old connection paths which run along the lake, or the woody hills with their rural settlements, or to the more scenic heights of the mountains along Lake Como.


Experience a magical golfing experience among the renowned golf courses scattered on the hills around Lake Como.


No Lake Como holiday would be complete without splashing out on some serious Lake Como shopping.

Around Como there are many small shops and boutiques, and in the larger towns you will find a great range of boutiques, designer stores and department stores.



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