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When it comes to asking the most important question of your life, there are no limits on what it takes to create a perfect moment. From luxurious gourmet restaurants to palm tree-lined beaches, you don’t get a setting more suited to the occasion than the island of St Barts. Whether you want to write it in the sand or proclaim it from the rooftops, there are plenty of spectacular places to pop the question. Read on for just a few of the best proposal spots in St Barths.

At sunset on Shell Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches the Caribbean has to offer, Shell Beach offers a stunning setting to share a special moment with the one you love. Instead of sand, Shell Beach is named for the millions of small shells that make up the bay. The beach is particularly breathtaking at the close of the day, where the pinks and purples of the sunset reflect off the shell’s pearly surfaces.

Aboard a chartered yacht

Imagine being out on the crystal blue ocean with nothing but the fresh sea air, panoramic views of the island and your significant other. The team at Le Sereno is happy to assist guests in planning your picture-perfect proposal cruise, and ensuring that every last detail is taken care of. Get down on one knee with the horizon as your backdrop for a moment neither of you will forget.

In a secret cove on Colombier Beach

If you’re looking for a little more privacy, Colombier Beach is the spot for you. Only reachable by boat or a 25 minute hike, this coastal gem is secluded enough so you won’t have to share your moment with other tourists. The effort of the short hike will be worth having the sandy beach all to yourselves. Sundays are the busiest day with locals frequenting the beach on their days off, so for extra privacy avoid this day.

Alongside the Piscine Naturelle

On the southeastern corner of St Barths is where you’ll find the most secluded, untouched and naturally beautiful corners. Take a scenic drive through the mountains from Gustavia through Lurin towards Toiny. Park at the westernmost point of Toiny, and take a path marked Grand Fond down to the beach. Follow the path that winds along the rocky shore and enjoy dramatic cliffs and expansive grasslands before veering off in the direction of the Piscines Naturelles. The turquoise waters offer the most idyllic setting for your big moment.

Image Credit: Fabienne Magras

Overlooking the Grand Cul de Sac

Le Sereno Hotel is perched in the ideal spot to take full advantage of the spectacular Grand Cul de Sac. The Restaurant Le Sereno is situated at the water’s edge, so you can sample world-class cuisine in one of the most romantic venues imaginable. Experience exceptional service and mouthwatering flavours with the sound of the gentle waves as your soundtrack.

Trendy and luxurious, the Suites and private Villas at Le Sereno are an exceptional place to start the rest of your lives together. Don’t settle for anything other than the best, get in touch with us and book your stay at Sereno Hotels.

Image Credits: Le Sereno el-hund Susan Smith Le Sereno Craig Fabienne Magras Le Sereno T.Reed

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