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Straightforward, Down-To-Earth, Light

Straightforward; With nothing added or removed.

Down-To-Earth, like my story.

Light; I let the raw ingredients do the talking.

Chef Raffaele Lenzi



The Michelin-Starred, Il Sereno al Lago is the premier dining experience in Lake Como, housed within the acclaimed Il Sereno hotel and led by Chef Raffaele Lenzi. Chef Lenzi’s cuisine focuses on the raw ingredients, incorporating a lightness within his cooking. “My cuisine is a tribute to my Italian spirit. ¨It’s an experiential journey that develops into a gastronomic journey where vegetables are the protagonists, in a mix of contrasts of different flavors and cultures. Having simple ingredients is essential to form the common theme in each of my courses”.





Lobby Bar



At lunch, served alongside the lake, the dishes are characterized by simplicity, traditional and regional flavours, in an informal atmosphere where you can enjoy the splendid landscape at it’s fullest.

Hours: Monday – Sunday 12.30-14.30

Lunch Menu


At dinner, Chef Raffaele Lenzi highlights his cooking philosophy, bringing to life concepts that have earned him a Michelin star since November 2017. There are three tasting menus: Homage to Tradition, a five-course menu that traces the main stages of our gastronomic culture, through a modern reinterpretation. The offer is completed by a menu which offers the classic flavors of the Lombardy region, while simultaneously boasting contemporary recipes. Please note: The“Vegetali, Tuberi e Radici” tasting Menu requires a 48 Hours advanced booking and it has to be considered for the entire table.

Hours: Monday – Sunday 19.30-22.30

Dinner Menu


Born in Naples in 1984, Raffaele Lenzi is the Executive Chef of the Michelin Star restaurant Il Sereno al Lago. After working in both England and the United States, he returned to Italy in 2008, working at some of the finest restaurants in the country: Bruno Barbieri, 2** Michelin at the Arquade; Elio Sironi, at the Bulgari Hotel and Resorts; Pino La Marra, 2** Michelin at Palazzo Sasso; and finally Stefano Baiocco, 2 ** Michelin at the Grand Hotel at Villa Feltrinelli. After the experience as executive sous chef at the Armani Hotels & Resorts Milan, from 2011 to 2013, Lenzi led the three-starred Bo Innovation in Hong Kong and Manresa in Los Gatos, California. Afterward, he returned home as executive chef of the Turbigo restaurant on the Navigli, and became the contact person for Seven Stars Galleria, coordinating the James Beard American Restaurant within EXPO Milano. Since July 2016, he has worked alongside the Il Sereno Hotel project, and on Lake Como, as executive chef.  In 2017 the Il Sereno al Lago restaurant won one Michelin Star and since 2019, the chef has taken on the role of Corporate Chef, while also working on the other properties of the Contreras family: Villa Pliniana, a historic residence on Lake Como, and Le Sereno, the sister property located in the Caribbean Island of Saint-Barthélemy. Raffaele Lenzi’s cuisine focuses on raw and local ingredients, highlighting balanced menus which are an essential component of his cooking.

Lobby Bar

Our Lobby Bar offers guests unparalleled views to admire the sunset on one of the most beautiful landscapes of our country, Lake Como.

The identity of Il Sereno is to link two worlds that are geographically distant: the Asian territory and the Italian one, with a particular focus on the Lake Como area. Many of our cocktails that are offered in the Lobby Bar have been inspired by our bar manager Don Vidura Nilaksha Colambage, who is originally from Sri Lanka.

There are also six mocktails on the menu, which are characterized by the use of aromatic herbs and flowers, such as thyme, laurel and chamomile. Each mocktail is made by replacing traditional spirits with non-alcoholic flavors, and can be enjoyed on our terrace or at the lake or waterfront pool.

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10.30-22.30

Wine Cellar

Italy and Champagne. The two go hand in hand for the sommelier at Il Sereno al Lago. The elaborate wine list boasts labels from the nineteenth century, offering noble Italian and French labels. Each wine is carefully selected with a mixture of small and local producers. In the cellar, guests can also find Verdese wine, which grows only in a restricted area bordering Lake Como, on the reds of Valtellina, coming from Franciacorta, north of Lake Como. Afternoon tastings are also organized for hotel guests where the sommelier offers personalized wine tastings, while sharing stories and anecdotes as to how each wine became a part of the Il Sereno cellar.


Easily accessible by car or boat, the restaurant’s prime location allows guests to bask in natural sunlight as late as 10 p.m. in the summer months. Ristorante Il Sereno Al Lago is open seven days a week, between 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. to both hotel and outside guests. Menu items from Il Sereno Al Lago are also available on the terraces and poolside for hotel guests only. Valet parking is available for cars and boats. For reservations and other inquiries, Email or dial +39 031-5477-800