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It’s not often that you see a 16th century lakeside palazzo available to the public as anything but a well-known museum or historical attraction. Yet that’s exactly what travelers can expect along the southwestern corner of Italy’s Lago di Como, where such a landmark recently opened its doors as one of Europe’s (and the world’s) most extraordinary private event venues.

Welcome to the 500-year-old Villa Pliniana, a spectacular Italian estate combining the signature service of Sereno Hotels with a stunning setting for weddings, private occasions, and lakefront accommodations.

Set on 18 acres of pristine shoreline in the village of Torno, Villa Pliniana is the third property in Sereno Hotels’ distinguished collection of luxury destinations. Its location is less than one mile from sister property Il Sereno, the highly anticipated lakefront hotel set to open this July. Guests of Il Sereno, in fact, can reach Villa Pliniana via the hotel’s custom-designed Riva boats—which pull up directly to the Villa’s private boat dock. Visitors can also reach the property by ferry, private boats, car, or even helicopter—as the property offers a private helipad on site.

Besides the coveted location and inspiring scenery, what makes Villa Pliniana such a unique experience is its unparalleled history and cultural heritage. Since its original establishment in 1573, this beautiful building has survived numerous eras of Lake Como’s colorful history—from Spanish rule to French to Austrian and finally Italian. Guests who host their events at Villa Pliniana will join a decorated list of visitors past and present, including Leonardo da Vinci, Paolo Giovio, Napoleon, Lord Byron, and many others. One of the property’s three standalone villas even features the exact piano where Gioachino Rossini wrote the Opera Tancredi in 1813.

For guests considering hosting an event, Villa Pliniana holds up to 500 guests in its waterfront gardens and up to 200 in both of its large ballrooms. It also offers four apartments as well as three separate villas (19 suites total), accommodating a total of 39 visitors. Guests will also have access to two large meeting rooms, a dining room, a kitchen with private catering services, and a private spa offering everything from saunas to Jacuzzi pools to solariums.

Luis Contreras, Owner of Sereno Hotels, said it best: “Villa Pliniana is the perfect complement to Il Sereno, where our guests can now enjoy both the newest and the oldest great buildings in Lake Como.”

On behalf of everyone at Le Sereno and Il Sereno, we look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a truly exceptional retreat at the heart of alpine Italy.

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