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It’s been a busy year for Sereno Hotels packed full of exclusive events, distinguished guests, and the creation of new, incredible memories. From the secluded shores of St. Barths and the fastidiously rebuilt Le Sereno, to the vast expanse of the magnificent Lake Como where the grand Villa Pliniana and Il Sereno reside. Here are some of our favourite guest photos from 2018…

Il Sereno

  • “Rainy weather ? “

    Photo Credit: @beskhmelnitsyna

  • “Serene sorella”

    Photo Credit: @pkslist

  • “And let the whole world wait...”

    Photo Credit: @rrrudya

  • “Fabulous guests this weekend at Il Sereno”

    Photo Credit: Il Sereno

  • “Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss.”

    Photo Credit: @amelwindsor

  • “One for you and one for me. Deal??”

    Photo Credit: @prisca_ig

  • “Winter wonderland ❄️”

    Photo Credit: Il Sereno

  • “Arrive in style”

    Photo Credit: Il Sereno

  • “Another wedding day in Lake Como?”

    Photo Credit: @cristiano.ostinelli

  • “Our Michelin Star is in place”

    Photo Credit: Il Sereno

Villa Pliniana

  • “Curious little girls…”

    Photo Credit: @elportazgo

  • “Here comes the bride”

    Photo Credit: @a_tipica

  • “Floral flashback to warmer days”

    Photo Credit:  @a_tipica

  • “Remembering this stunning photo shoot with beautiful Indian brides”

    Photo Credit: @khushmag

  • “A stunning 16th century Italian Palazzo set on 18 waterfront acres on the legendary Lake Como”

    Photo Credit: Como Classic Boats

  • “Our sister property @villapliniana which is located next door"

    Photo Credit: Carlo Borlenghi

Le Sereno

  • “Putting 2019 into perspective”

    Photo Credit: Le Sereno

  • “Discover our new shop ✨”

    Photo Credit: Le Sereno / @larusmiani

  • “A morning view that I can get use to. ?☀️”

    Photo Credit: Yachts_newyork

  • “Enjoying the beautiful day at the poolside at the Hotel @lesereno in #stbarths ☀️”

    Photo Credit: @lalitkmodi

  • “Plus ça change plus c'est la même chose"

    Photo Credit: Le Sereno

  • "We’re wishing all of the teams the best of luck at the World Cup!”

    Photo Credit: @pele

  • “Paradise ?”

    Photo Credit: Le Sereno

We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support throughout the years, and especially with the reopening of our beloved Le Sereno. We look forward to welcoming you all back through our doors this year!

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