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Outdoor enthusiasts, Lake Como awaits. The area’s mountainous terrain, historic sites, and lush greenery provide the perfect place for hiking, whether you’re seeking a casual stroll in nature or a heart-pumping challenge in one of the world’s most breathtaking regions. Hiking is a popular pastime here year-round (those bravest will embark in the winter to see snow-capped mountains), which will perfectly complement your stay at Il Sereno.

For a dose of activity between fine dining at Al Lago and Aperol Spritz at The Lobby Bar, we’ve rounded up all of the best Lake Como hiking trails for all skill levels. Each promises scenic views and will take you through historic lakeside paths, treks through wooded hills with rural settlements, and along the mountainside for ethereal vistas over the lake.

A 16th century Italian palazzo Villa Pliniana in Italy

Pliniana Hiking Trail

Discover Villa Pliniana, a 16th-century Italian Palazzo, by foot on this memorable 30-minute hike. Set on 18 waterfront acres right along Lake Como, this hiking trail is considered easy and will delight all ages and skill levels. There are dedicated hiking trails, which will take you through the beautiful gardens and terraces.

Views of town in Lake Como Italy


Perfect for all nature lovers, this intermediate-level hike takes you through the woods to see the stunning flora and, if you’re lucky, fauna of Lake Como. Start from the hotel’s location in Torno to embark on this four-hour hike. It’s a looping trail and will bring you right back to the hotel’s area. Expect to see Massi Avelli, which are fifth- and sixth-century tombstones, as well as charming villages and lake views.

Hazel tree plant

Alpe di Blessagno

This easy, three-hour hike is all about the views. It begins with an adrenaline-pumping ride on a funicular from Argegno to Pigra. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be 850 meters above sea level with views of the nearby Alpine foothills and, of course, Lake Como. Start from Pigra and descend into wooden terrain filled with hazel trees, which will lead you to Alpe Blessagno.

Mountains and Lake Como in Italy.

Brunate to Monte Boletto

This is one of the Lake Como hiking trails not for the faint of heart — Brunate to Monte Boletto is an advanced hike that will take you roughly five hours to complete. First, take the funicular to Brunate to access the trailhead. You’ll first walk through the village of San Maurizio and pass through the historic chalets via a mule path before reaching Monte Boletto. Expert hikers will appreciate how steep the hike gets.

Views of town and Lake Como Italy

San Martino

Picturesque villages and historic churches await on this five- to six-hour hike. Despite its length, it’s a fairly easy route for all levels of hikers (though the path does have a sheer drop with no barriers). You’ll first pass through the charming village of Griante before reaching San Martino, a mountain church located on a cliff above Griante. Continue along the path, which gets quite rocky, and you’ll be awarded with views of Varenna and Bellagio.

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