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With its lush, verdant hillsides, idyllic villages lined with classic Italian architecture, and the impossibly deep blue hue of the waters themselves, there’s no destination known for its scenery quite like Lake Como

Combine that with Italy’s storied passion for fine carmaking, and you’ve got a picture-perfect setting for a dreamy afternoon drive. Lake Como has a reputation for attracting car lovers from around the world.

We’ve hosted many groups of drivers and a number of luxurious car events at Il Sereno and Villa Pliniana, and we’ve worked with classic Italian carmakers including Ferrari and Lamborghini (as well as Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, and BMW). It’s little wonder that Lake Como has become a haven for automobile enthusiasts and casual cruisers alike. Here, with the warm lakefront breeze rippling through your hair and the sounds of Italian lake life happily taking the place of a stereo, each gentle curve in the road reveals a panorama that seems even more spectacular than the last.

Torno to Bellagio

Bellagio overlooking Lake Como Italy

Follow the narrow — and at times, heart-pumping — twists and turns of SP583 for about 45 minutes to reach Bellagio, one of Lake Como’s most popular destinations. Jutting out into the lake, it offers breathtaking views framed by soaring mountains, giving the illusion that you’re perfectly secluded in this rustically glamorous Italian gem. Wander the cobblestoned streets, popping into boutiques and cafés as you roam. The gardens of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi are wonderful destinations to reflect on your surroundings, as is the Romanesque San Giacomo Church. Other top attractions in Bellagio include:

  • Villa Pliniana, described by poet Percy Bysshe Shelley as “the finest scenery” on Lake Como
  • The Nesso waterfall
  • Hotel Villa Aurora, an ideal spot to enjoy an aperitivo while overlooking the lake
  • La Punta Restaurant for lunch or dinner
  • Peruse the many local shops for hand-blown glass, hand-crafted leather goods, and other local products

Bellagio to Varenna


Varenna Italy Buildings on the water of Lake Como

After your journey to Bellagio, you can also opt to walk or drive onto the ferry to Varenna, which lies just across the lake. This quiet, colorful town is less busy than Bellagio, but just as charismatic. After your ferry journey, wander the lake promenade before making your way into the town, where you can pop into traditional leather shops and breathtaking churches galore. Wind down the day at a local bar with an Aperol spritz and a walk along Passeggiata Degli Innamorati.

Torno to Tremezzo

Tremezzo Italy overlooking water of Lake Como

Beginning back in Torno, head back toward Como and make your way to Cernobbio. There, turn onto a narrow road overlooking the lake; be sure to stop and see the Vincenzo D’ascanio floral boutique. Also in Laglio, a few kilometers from Cernobbio, is Cantiere Ernesto Riva, the builders of our Vaporina and Jetto boats. Stop in to see them at work and learn more about their unique process. Continue on your way toward Tremezzo and stop for a bit in Lenno. Treat yourself to world-class gelato at La Fabbrica del Gelato and enjoy it while strolling around this quaint lakeside town. A must-see spot here is Villa Balbianello, located on the tip of the Lavedo headland and a famous spot for filming movies (including Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Casino Royale). After you get your fill in Lenno, continue on to Tremezzo. There, snag a table at Casa AquaDulza Restaurant. The bar, restaurant, and brewery is established in a former guesthouse and combines history with craft beer, plus a delightful open-air patio tucked away from traffic and abutting the lake.

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