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No trip to the Caribbean would be complete without a nautical day trip exploring tropical islands. It is the ultimate platform from which to enjoy the region’s incredible scenery, and even doing some watersports. Located right on the shores of the Grand Cul de Sac, Le Sereno is perfectly positioned for blissful beach days, snorkeling and sublime paddles in the ocean. If you’d like to venture further out during your next visit, have a look at our top recommended boat tours below:

Half Day and Full Day Tours

Board a stylish motorboat, sunhat in hand, right in front of Le Sereno Hotel and get ready for the day’s adventure. Traverse the vast expanse of St Barths’ beautiful lagoon before heading off to your first location, St Jean.

St. Jean

St. Jean Beach is one of the most popular beaches in St. Barths due to its convenient location. The island is a classic Caribbean destination, its long stretch of pristine beach separated only by Eden Rock hotel. Watch the odd plane swoop down to land on the island, enjoy the warm Caribbean waters, and luxuriate in the sunshine.


Lauded as the most famous beach in St. Barths, Colombier is a well-known spot for the most incredible sunsets and presents with a textbook Caribbean landscape.


After making berth in Colombier, the half-day tour heads to the island’s capital, Gustavia. As the only harbour on the island, the vibrant port hums with activity. From here, guests are then transported back along the scenic coast to Le Sereno, thus concluding the half-day adventure. The full-day tour continues from the busy marina of Gustavia to Shell Beach, a peaceful enclave popular with locals and in-the-know visitors. If lunch ashore suits you, we are happy to make a reservation at Sea Bob Restaurant for you. Alternatively, we can arrange for a sushi platter and champagne to be enjoyed on the boat.


Boasting some of the most dramatic landscapes and striking water hues in St. Barths, Gouverneur Beach is one of the highlights of the full-day itinerary.

Saline Beach

The full-day excursion comes to a beautiful finale at Saline Beach, a stunning horseshoe-shaped stretch of beach capped at the end with rocky hillsides. With no resorts on the beach, the cove is usually empty and peaceful.

Sunset Cruise

Other Tours

Take a leisurely cruise around to Colombier Beach and enjoy a glass of wine with your chosen companions as you witness the Caribbean sun set over the horizon. After your return to Le Sereno, join us for the ultimate finale to a perfect day.

Day Trip to Pinel Island

All aboard to Pinel Island! Known as St. Maarteen’s little treasure, Pinel is a real-life postcard. Journey around the untouched north side of the island and discover a wild beach protected by a reef. Little Key’s Beach is an absolute gem, teaming with sea life ranging from tropical fish and eagle rays to reef sharks and turtles. For an added bonus, explore the sandbar in front of Little Key and watch the pelicans swoop down across the bay.

A special stop along the way is Tintamarre Island, where you can spend roughly 2 hours walking around, admiring the now uninhabited island’s pristine beaches and azure waters. For the best diving spots, have a look at our blog and discover the incredible marine life of the Caribbean.

Each of the tours are inclusive or crew, fuel, an open bar, beach towel, and snorkeling equipment. Any further food or reservation requests can be made beforehand with Le Sereno’s concierge. To book your tour or accommodation, contact us at or call +39 0282943333. Image Credits: Vogue Phenix Boat TripSavvy Silversea Robinson Speedboat SVADORE Accueil Camptain Jo Boat Charter

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