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It’s no secret that a huge part of Italian culture is the mouth-watering cuisine.

One way to fully immerse yourself in this fascinating part of the world is to learn what goes on in the Italian kitchen. We’ve highlighted the three best cooking courses in Lake Como, so you can slot one into your next trip.

Learn to Cook with Chef Antonella Coppola

Looking for an authentic Italian cooking experience? A class with Chef Antonella Coppola is for you! A Neapolitan chef based in Bellagio, Chef Coppola is described as sunny and passionate – much like her hometown of Naples. She is well known for her hospitality and flair in the kitchen, and classes taught by her are always light-hearted and full of fun.  

The class will start with an aperitif with bruschetta, salami and cheese, not to mention a delicious glass of champagne. Chef Coppola will then guide guests through the art of preparing traditional handmade pasta and the tasty sauce to go with it. This is the age-old process on which Italian cuisine is built, making it the perfect stepping stone to this incredible food culture. Next, Chef Coppola sets out to satisfy the sweet tooth within and starts on the dessert preparation.

Italy is known for its decadent tiramisus and famous gelato, and each class will learn about this delicious art of sweet treats. Once all the cooking is complete, the class will partake in one of Italy’s most loved customs; a delectable meal with gorgeous wines shared with friends. To book your next Lake Como cooking class, or for more information, be sure to visit her website.

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Chef Luigi Gandola and the Italian Kitchen

The incredible talent of Chef Luigi cannot be disputed. With over 40 gold medals for international culinary competitions under his belt, there is no better man to show you the in’s and out’s of Italian cooking than this energetic chef. Hosted at his family-owned restaurant Salice Blu, Chef Luigi is all about the personal touch – even going so far as personally picking his guests up from their hotels or ferry gates. A fountain of quirky stories and anecdotes, Chef Luigi is known for keeping his classes well entertained. After enjoying a cup of coffee, you’ll follow this humble chef into the herb garden behind the restaurant to pick the freshest greens.

Next, you’ll learn the art of creating homemade pasta fresca, with only the best local ingredients. Depending on the day, you’ll learn to make risotto, tagliatelle, or gnocchi as well as dabbling in a range of desserts. After a morning of learning, take a seat on the terrace and enjoy an exceptional meal. The class ends at 2pm with Chef Luigi returning you to your hotel with gifts in hand. These include a homemade bottle of olive oil, an apron, a diploma of participation, as well as an English recipe book, focused on dishes typical to the region. For more information, visit his website here.

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Alternatively, the concierge desk at Il Sereno hotel can organise cooking classes at Momi restaurant situated in Blevio, which is 10 minutes by car, or Acqua Dolce restaurant in Carate Urio, which can be reached by a 10 minute boat trip.

Make sure to ask the concierge desk at Il Sereno for their personal recommendations. They’ll be more than happy to organise any activity you please. For more ideas on the best things to do in Lake Como, follow the Sereno Hotels blog.

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