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To dine at Il Sereno al Lago is to experience true Italian gastronomic excellence. Only the top-quality local ingredients make their way onto the exquisite menu. From golden olive oils to delectable wines, each aspect of the Il Sereno Al Lago kitchen is locally-sourced and hand-selected in order to evoke a true sense of Italian indulgence. It’s no surprise that with such a dedication to the best ingredients that Lake Como has to offer, Il Sereno al Lago was awarded a Michelin Star after only one year of operation.

Two of the unique suppliers, Agrofit and the winery Cantine Angelinetta Lago Di Como, that enable Il Sereno to maintain their exceptional quality are located in Domaso, a small town situated just outside Como. The stories of these two exceptional businesses make them all the more special, so we took a look at what they are all about.

Cantine Angelinetta Lago Di Como

The stunning Cantine Angelinetta enjoys prime real estate on the banks of the picturesque Lake Como. Covering 3 hectares of fertile ground in Domaso, this small winery produces 20 000 bottles per season – comprised of 2 red wines, 2 white wines and 1 rose. Cantine Angelinetta is also home to a very special wine that is only made in Como – the Verdesa. Made from a grape indigenous to the area, the best Verdesa in Como is said to be found on this very winery.

The entire winery is run by a team of 3 people, who work non-stop for the 9 month season, and spend the remaining months of the year preparing the vines for the season to come. This dedicated team ensure that each bottle is handled with the utmost care and precision.

What makes this extraordinary winery extra special is the story behind their label, which was originally designed by Felice Beltranelli who lived in the same village. Before he died he donated all his sketches and design drafts to the winery so that they could continue using them for their labels. So even after his passing, the spirit of the original designer lives on.

Como is the only place where Cantine Angelinetta wines can be bought, and tastings can be organised in their family home in Domaso.  


Scaling 5 hectares around Domaso, Agrofit’s orchards can be found an hour and a half by car and two hours by boat from Il Sereno Hotel. This family-run business cultivates and sells fresh fruit, world-class olive oil, delicious condiments like honey and jam, as well as staples such as tea, vinegar and salt – all of which you’ll find in the dining room at Il Sereno. Agrofit’s sunny location on the far side of the lake makes it ideal for growing a variety of produce. It also happens to be the windiest part of the Lake, erasing the need to use insecticides and sprays, which in turn results in a more organic and natural product. The products are all hand-picked and seasonal, and take an average 2 weeks from harvest to sale.

The star of the show at Agrofit is undoubtedly its olive oil. It is delicate and light in comparison to the oils of southern Italy. The trees in Domaso produce smaller olives, which lend themselves to a softer flavour. These oils are better suited to salad dressing than they are to cooking.

Part of the appeal of Agrofit is the fact that they keep things local. They do not export their products and they only produce between 700 and 3000 bottles of olive oil per year depending on the demand of the local community. The oil is pressed in the neighbouring town, which slows down the process while also keeping it close at hand.

To sample these one-of-a-kind products first-hand and to experience the true taste of Lake Como’s best restaurant, book your stay at Il Sereno Hotel by contacting our friendly reservations team today.

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