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Natural beauty awaits during every season on St. Barths, but the intimate atmosphere of early summer offers a whole new charm altogether: fewer crowds, constant sunshine, balmy temperatures, and lower rates on rooms, shopping, and much more.

It’s the island’s best-kept secret and we’ve taken care of all the planning. Here is our guide for your next weekend escape to St. Barths:



Step off the plane and into your oceanfront sanctuary with an afternoon spent poolside or on the renowned white sand beaches of Le Sereno. The spectacular scenery—and perhaps a refreshing cocktail from the bar—will set the tone for the weekend.


The enchanting gardens of Tamarin are the perfect place for an elegant candlelit dinner. You will discover winding garden paths, lily ponds, and hidden dining areas throughout the Saline Beach eatery, and on the menu, delectable dishes featuring succulent scallops, duck confit, and more.

A livelier atmosphere awaits nearby at Le Ti St Barth on Point Milou. The epicenter of island nightlife is home to music, dancing, and the eclectic performances of the cabaret show, where you will see everything from costumed dances to fire spinning.



With the new day comes an invigorating hike to Colombier Beach, considered St. Barths’ most picturesque shoreline. Shallow reefs encircling the island offer incredible snorkeling opportunities, and with Colombier’s calm waters, you won’t be able to resist a quick dive with your gear.


For lunch, you’ll have to choose between two of our favorites: a toes-in-the-sand dining experience at Grand Cul de Sac’s Restaurant O’Corail or breathtaking views of Gouverneur Beach from the terrace at Santa Fe. Fresh seafood and coastal fare awaits at both establishments.

For those at Santa Fe, descend the hillside for a closer look at picturesque Gouverneur Beach. The remote seashore is known for its rocky coastline, white sand, and clean turquoise waters—an ideal place for a refreshing swim.

Continue your coastal drive to Gustavia, where you will discover the island’s flair in a collection of vibrant boutiques. You’ll find everything from major brands to limited edition labels, with some of the best shops hidden down unassuming side streets.


Flavors as extraordinary as the views await at La Guérite, a Mediterranean restaurant on the point of Gustavia harbor. Inspired by his Greek roots, Chef Yannis Kioroglou has crafted an exquisite menu with fresh, local fish and produce as well as seafood from all over the world.

When you’re ready for a little dancing, walk along the harbor to Bagatelle. The fun begins with people dancing on the tables during dinner and extends into the night.



Your day begins with a rejuvenating sunrise yoga session on the pool deck at Le Sereno. Pamper mind, body, and spirit with a calming practice, then continue your relaxation by the private pool or with a massage in the outdoor spa.

Discover the diverse marine life of Grand Cul de Sac with a late morning of paddleboarding or kayaking in a clear ocean kayak. Beneath the ocean’s surface, keep an eye out for colorful schools of fish and the majestic leatherback sea turtle.


Shell Beach’s Do Brazil is the place to be during the lunch hour. The restaurant opens toward the ocean and features exotic culinary flavors from the Caribbean and beyond, as well as DJs playing cool, upbeat music and occasionally live reggae performances to complete the island experience.


There’s nothing like a sunset over the Caribbean Sea. Set sail on a catamaran cruise around the island for your final evening in St. Barths with one of the many excellent sailing agencies like Top Loc, Jicky Marine, or Yannis Marine in Gustavia.

When you return, head to the Roman style L’Isoletta for a simple but delicious meal of pizza and Italian wine. Locals will tell you the restaurant has the best pizza not just on the island, but anywhere in the Caribbean.



Spend your last few hours in St. Barths soaking up the Caribbean sun on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. We recommend a short walk to the unspoiled Saline Beach, where you can swim in glistening turquoise waters, walk the remote shoreline, and daydream about your next visit to St. Barths.

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