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Il Sereno al Lago

Sereno Hotels welcomes guests to experience Lake Como dining at its finest at Il Sereno’s Ristorante  Al Lago, One Michelin Star, 2018. Savor artfully prepared regional specialties with the freshest local flavors by chef  Lenzi presented in a uniquely contemporary space designed by renowned Patricia Urquiola. Designed with rich traditional Venetian Terrazzo and Travertine stone, the restaurant features a   beautiful large outdoor terrace overlooking Lake Como, including a section that is built right over the water. At the center of the restaurant, a dramatic and intricate stairwell solidifies the restaurant as a visual experience, as well as a culinary one. At Il Sereno Al Lago, guests can celebrate life, love and friendship in a casually elegant environment set against stunning Lake Como views.

Also designed by Patricia Urquiola, Ristorante Al Lago is the hotel’s signature restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner; and led by Raffaele Lenzi. In 2017, the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star, a tremendous achievement after being open for one full season. Located on the water,  Al Lago has three areas: an indoor air-conditioned dining room, an open-air dining room with roof next to the lake and the terrace restaurant. The restaurant’s privileged location means that in the summer months the restaurant will enjoy natural light as late as 10 p.m.