Villa Pliniana, part of Sereno Hotels, is a private estate located on 18 acres of verdant land on an inlet of Lake Como. This luxurious, 16th-century Italian Palazzo was built in 1573 and has since attracted famous writers, poets, scientists, monarchs, and dignitaries, including Leonardo Da Vinci, poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Napoleon.
Villa Pliniana an Italian Palazzo on Lake Como with surrounding mountains


The history of Villa Pliniana both delights and fascinates. This idyllic retreat is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is home to a natural spring called Pliniana. The spring was named after naturalists Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger, who first mentioned the site in the 1st century A.D. Count Giovanni Anguissola, governor of Como, initially built the villa, and it subsequently went through periods of abandonment, various ownership, and several periods of renovation and restoration. It underwent a full restoration before 2016 and world-renowned designer Patricia Urquiola furnished the ballrooms and loggia. Today, this Italian palazzo provides visitors with a sense of place celebrating Italy’s vast history with all of the modern requirements for an unforgettable stay. It has always been loved for its breathtaking panoramic views and natural beauty. 

Villa Pliniana and Italian Palazzo on Lake Como with boat on water

Arriving at Villa Pliniana

Villa Pliniana is accessible by car, but we recommend a more scenic and dramatic entrance via a private boat transfer on one of Il Sereno’s custom-designed Riva boats. The property has a private boat dock with safe harboring of boats and ferries. There is also an on-property helipad. Fly a helicopter from the Milano Malpensa (MXP) airport or a nearby private airport for a seamless arrival. Arriving at the villa is just the first jaw-droppingly beautiful part of your stay.  


Spread throughout the 18 acres, there is a main villa with 10 bedrooms, which are divided into four large apartments, and two smaller villas offering seven extra rooms. Ideal for exclusive use for weddings, reunions, or fabulous parties, it accommodates stays for up to 34 guests. There are two large ballrooms equipped to hold up to 200 guests, or the waterfront gardens can host up to 500. There are several areas in which to enjoy, including a reception hall and billiard room, two large meeting rooms, and a dining room. Rooms have been renovated and modernly appointed by Urquiola and feature beautiful natural textures and colors, luxurious custom furniture, and lovely historic artwork. Each apartment boasts an incredible view of the lake and includes satellite TV, internet connection, air conditioning, a private kitchen, laundry facilities, and modern technology. All rooms come with custom robes and towels by D. Porthault and Ex Voto Paris bath amenities.  

Villa Pliniana and Italian palazzo terrace with statues and view of Lake Como


Water is a recurring theme at Villa Pliniana, and the spa in particular celebrates the impact water has on our lives. The spa, which was installed in 2015, is located on a terrace above the garden and occupies an entire building. It’s the infinity pool, however, that is the star. It is ensconced with full-length glass windows and a glass ceiling, allowing plenty of natural light to flow through. The pool gives the illusion of swimming in the middle of the lake, which feels even more special when you learn that the swimming pool’s water is filtered and conveyed from the lake at 50 meters deep. The spa’s Wellness Center has a sauna, steam bath, “emotional showers,” a Jacuzzi, solarium, and a relaxing mezzanine. There are also many beautiful waterfalls throughout the property. One of the biggest draws to Villa Pliniana is its 18 acres of lush waterfront gardens with sweeping views of the lake. Connect with nature by taking a tour through the vibrant gardens and terraces, which gives the feeling of being worlds away. The Billiard Room is a fun place to reconnect with family and friends, where you can enjoy a game overlooking the lake and underneath a beautiful Italian fresco. The ballroom also has so many historic design elements and is fabulous as an event space. There is a fully equipped banquet kitchen ideal for everything, from catering large events to room service. Whether you’re planning to host a wedding or event or simply enjoy a luxe vacation, Villa Pliniana has so much to offer. Summer is one of the most beautiful times to visit Lake Como. Book your stay now at 

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