Your very own private sanctuary

Villa Pliniana has been built on an inlet of the Lake Como; it is surrounded by lush vegetation and nestled into the rock. Very close to the Villa, the stream of Colorée Valley dives into the Como lake after a waterfall of seventy meters. The building is anchored to the rock, in the bottom of the lake, from both the upstream side and the front side. The loggia separates the main floor into two separate parts hosting two large halls, the reception, the billiard room, the dining room and the kitchen. In the center of the courtyard stands a statue representing Neptune holding a trident. In front of the loggia, beyond the court, appears the rock face that outlets the intermittent spring whose water flows through the villa and then open out into the lake through the arcade placed on the facade of the villa. A spiral wooden staircase, completely carved leads from the main floor to the upper floor suites. A comfortable elevator connects all levels to the parking lot. Villa Pliniana recently underwent a full restoration and has been updated to the highest contemporary standards while maintaining the charm and historical details of the original design. Patricia Urquiola, the designer of the sister property il Sereno, has re-designed select interiors at Villa Pliniana.

“This lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty […] But the finest scenery is that of the Villa Pliniana […] The scene from the colonnade is the most extraordinary, at once and the most lovely that eye ever beheld. Above you from among the clouds, as it were descends a waterfall of immense size, broken by the woody rocks into a thousand channels to the lake. On the other side is seen the blue extent of the lake and the mountains speckled with sails and spires.

-Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley 1818.