The wonder of the intermittent spring, the ceaseless sound of water, the quietness of the woods, the breathtaking view, the echoes of the history… All of this turns staying in the Villa Pliniana into a unique and incomparable experience.

The restoration of the existing buildings allowed realizing four wide suites with eighteen bedrooms and three independent houses. The four suites are located in the main building while the independent villas are spread in the eighteen acres of the park surrounding the villa.

All apartments have a view on the lake and have been designed to grant the highest standards of comfort. They are provided with satellite TV, internet connection, air conditioning and safe; moreover all of them are also equipped with private kitchen and laundry. Some of the outbuildings have separate entrance, useful for the access of the domestic personnel.

  • Casa Belgiojoso

    Casa Belgiojoso Named after the Barbiano Belgiojoso Family, Casa Belgiojoso contains intriguing and beautiful features.

  • Casa Visconti

    Casa Visconti Located on the first floor of Villa Pliniana, overlooking the Lake and the Park.

  • Casa Anguissola

    Casa Anguissola Its name is a tribute to Count Anguissola, the builder of the Villa and it is the largest suite of Villa Pliniana.

  • Casa Wagram

    Casa Wagram Situated almost on the water of Lake Como, Casa Wagram exudes beauty.

  • Casa Dei Plini

    Casa Dei Plini Set on the pathway into the forest, each room in Casa Dei Plini contains its own private terrace with exquisite views.

  • Casa Shelley

    Casa Shelley Dedicated to the famous poet, Casa Shelley is situated right on the park.