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Why do so many love stories begin at Le Sereno? Here are eight reasons.

The setting is extraordinary

Celebrity photographer Christian Oth, who shoots weddings at some of the most beautiful places on Earth, adores Le Sereno. “It’s chic yet understated and the pool is an absolutely wonderful setting for a wedding,” he says.

“From a photography perspective, the palm trees, turquoise ocean and pool come together to create a gorgeous backdrop, particularly in the morning, when the light is perfect.”

It’s utterly private

Le Sereno is one of the few resorts on St. Barth’s with a completely private pool that doesn’t offer day passes to island visitors. Paired with its location on a perfect crescent of beach that’s been designated a marine reserve, you won’t have to worry about sharing your special day with uninvited guests. “It’s utterly peaceful,” says Julie Lindenman, an event producer with Colin Cowie Celebrations who specializes in weddings.

“At a recent Le Sereno wedding, the bride and groom danced their first dance just steps from the ocean.”

To paint an even clearer picture, check out these beautiful photos from a recent wedding at Le Sereno.

The resort is your home away from home

Since your wedding party will be the only guests of the resort, you’re free to plan whatever events and activities you desire–including setting a transparent dance floor atop the pool, hiring Nashville singers Lennon and Maisy for a welcome party performance, or creating miniature wedding cakes for each guest.

“We basically give you the keys to the hotel,” says General Manager Samy Ghachem.

The accommodations are stunning

Created by renowned French designer Christian Liaigre, Le Sereno’s 36 rooms and suites are stylish and polished with glossy tropical woods, airy white fabrics and lush private gardens.

In addition to multi-room family suites, the resort is home to three four-bedroom villas where bridesmaids and families can spend quiet time together.

No detail is forgotten

“The staff at Le Sereno is gracious, hospitable and accomodating,” says Lindenman. “They helped us in ways we’d never dreamed of, including running to the grocery store for a special treat for the bride.”

Your wedding will be beautiful, rain or shine

The palapa-covered restaurant that overlooks the pool and the ocean at Le Sereno has a neat party trick: a set of curtains that automatically come down in the event of rain, so you won’t have to move inside if a shower comes through.

An oceanfront spa will take care of any pre-wedding jitters

Treatments, as well as hair and makeup services, can also be performed en suite.

The food is fabulous

Managed by world-renowned restaurateur Giuliano Lotto—whose Mediterranean restaurants like La Petite Maison and Il Baretto have revolutionized the London culinary scene—the food at Le Sereno is impeccably fresh and stylish. Executive Chef Alex Simone cooks with a distinct Mediterranean flair, having worked alongside leading chefs the likes of Stefano Cavallini and Andy Needham.

Want to plan your perfect wedding a Le Sereno? Contact our wedding specialist for more information.

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