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A Family Guide to St. Barths

Le Sereno St Barths

The hidden shorelines and intimate French cafés of St. Barths often attract couples in search of a glamorous, romantic escape, so many visitors are pleasantly surprised to find the island is equally as suited for families with children.

Here at Le Sereno, the waters outside our family-owned hotel are tranquil and calm. Grand Cul de Sac is shallow enough for young children to enjoy, and there are very few (and very small) waves with the protective reef circling the edge of the bay.

This environment lends itself perfectly to snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking—even in a double kayak with parents—to see the diverse marine life just below the surface. Grand Cul de Sac is home to colorful schools of fish and, if you’re lucky, grand leatherback sea turtles. The bay is also a renowned destination for kite surfing, so older children can enjoy gliding across the gentle Caribbean after a few lessons with private instructors.

As families venture across the island, they can also enjoy boat tours, horseback riding, and other activities for the entire family. Children are drawn to the InterOceans Museum in Corossol—with more than 9,000 shells from all over the world—then the ruins of Fort Gustav while parents take in beautiful vistas of Gustavia Harbor.

There are also a number of easy hikes for active families, such as the walk to beautiful Colombier Beach, one of the best spots for snorkeling. And a little closer to town, children can meander down Shell Beach to collect seashells.

Picturesque beaches abound all across the island, all of which make for the perfect day trip away from the hotel. On every beach, children can enjoy the wonderful variety of wildlife, from hermit crabs to sea birds to dolphins. And if the beaches aren’t quite enough, we also recommend renting a boat out of Gustavia harbor to explore the beautiful seas a bit further from the coastline.

As for dining, the Caribbean’s most renowned culinary destination offers a wide variety of options from elegant to laidback. Staying at the hotel gives families a taste of Restaurant Le Sereno, which offers special children’s menus serving Chef Leonardo Panza’s classic Italian cuisine. And away from the hotel, gourmet restaurants meet relaxed hangouts to create a culinary scene for every family to enjoy; some of our recommendations are found here. Plus, don’t miss out on some fresh homemade ice cream on a warm tropical day, perhaps from Gustavia’s Natural Delights.

And when the time comes for parents to have an intimate night out on their own—it’s still St. Barths, after all—babysitting services can be arranged by our team.

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