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Health & Safety


Original Design Features of Le Sereno

  • Le Sereno is and always has been, by design, an intimate place. With its limited access and size, there is never a crowd.
  • Hotel restaurant is ‘al fresco’. Weather permitting, it is a completely open-air environment allowing for the constant circulation of fresh air.
  • The restaurant floor plan has always been very spacious, already distancing tables at more than 1m.
  • The hotel lobby  is naturally ventilated, with fresh lake air circulating throughout.
  • The space between seating areas has always been more than 1m.
  • Rooms are spacious, all have a large furnished terrace and openable floor-to-ceiling windows, which again, allow the room to be naturally ventilated. Sereno has always been about seamlessly merging the indoors and the outdoors.
  • With the views, the breeze, the space, the comfort, the beauty and the services, our guests spend a lot of time in their suites enjoying the beautiful large furnished terraces.

Extra Measures Taken By Le Sereno

  • Streamlined check-in process, clients can go directly to the room (if they so desire).
  • We will prepare a table on your terrace at the time of your preference, and proceed to serve a four-course tasting menu in the privacy of your room.
  • A very discrete Anti-viral disinfectant mat to disinfect shoes has been placed at the entrance.
  • Automatic contactless hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the hotel.
  • PPE Kit are distributed at the entrance of the hotel (Personalized Sereno sterilized bag with mask, gloves and personal hand gel).
  • All personnel have been thoroughly trained and all procedures have been adapted to minimize risks of contagion.
  • Special new cleaning protocols have been developed and our staff has been trained to sanitize rooms and common areas.
  • All personnel will be wearing personal protective equipment.
  • All personnel have been tested for COVID-19 prior to hotel opening.
  • Ozone sanitizing in all rooms, common areas and food preparation areas.
  • Room’s Air conditioning filters will be changed and replenished with anti-viral filters after each checkout