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Health & Safety


Green Pass Policy

Since August 6 2021, Italian law now requires that anyone going to a restaurant, must have proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test of less than 48 hours (the “Green Pass”).
The requirement does not apply to hotels, but it does apply to the indoor areas of a restaurant like ours, which also accepts outside guests.
Most of our food and beverage areas are well ventilated and considered “outdoors”, but to be prudent and to comply with current regulation we will require the Green Pass to all hotel and restaurant clients over 12 years old.
We ask you to please have your vaccination information and/or negative COVID test results of less than 48 hours ready for when you check in at the hotel.

Original Design Features of Il Sereno

  1. Il Sereno is and always has been, by design, an intimate place. With its limited access and size, there is never a crowd.
  2. Hotel restaurant is ‘al fresco’. Weather permitting, it is a completely open-air environment allowing for the constant circulation of fresh air.
  3. The restaurant floor plan has always been very spacious, already distancing tables at more than 1m.
  4. The hotel lobby is exposed to waterfront on all sides, weather permitting it is naturally ventilated, with fresh lake air circulating throughout.
  5. The space between seating areas has always been more than 1m.
  6. Rooms are exceptionally large, all have a large furnished terrace and openable floor-to-ceiling windows, which again, allow the room to be naturally ventilated. Sereno has always been about seamlessly merging the indoors and the outdoors.
  7. With the views, the breeze, the space, the comfort, the beauty and the services, our guests spend a lot of time in their suites enjoying the beautiful large furnished terraces.
  8. State of the art, award-wining ventilation system; showcase for new chiller equipment from Mitsubishi Japan that was used for the first time in Europe. Maximizes air exchange, filters the air and avoids air re-circulation. The system is equipped with F9 filters that stop most particles of 0.3 µm whereas coronaviruses are much larger, 60-150 µm (Filters guarantee 98% efficiency for particles of up to 1µ, 75% for 0.3 µm)

Extra Measures Taken By Il Sereno

  1. Streamlined check-in process, clients can go directly to the room (if they so desire).
  2. New technology allows client to open their suite’s door using their phone. The code can be sent to enable this feature before the client’s arrival. This year the service inside the rooms is further amplified by the new Michelin-Star in-room tasting menu.
  3. We will prepare a table on your terrace at the time of your preference, and proceed to serve a four-course tasting menu in the privacy of your room.
  4. A very discrete Anti-viral disinfectant mat to disinfect shoes has been placed at the entrance.
  5. Thermal camera has been installed at entrance measuring temperature of all visitors. The technology allows us to monitor temperature while at the same time avoiding the need to stop each client for measurement.
  6. Automatic contactless hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the hotel.
  7. PPE Kit are distributed at the entrance of the hotel (Personalized Sereno sterilized bag with mask, gloves and personal hand gel).
  8. All personnel have been thoroughly trained and all procedures have been adapted to minimize risks of contagion.
  9. Special new cleaning protocols have been developed and our staff has been trained to sanitize rooms and common areas.
  10. All personnel will be wearing personal protective equipment.
  11. All personnel have been tested for COVID-19 prior to hotel opening.
  12. Ultra-Violet C robot used to clean rooms (the latest in technology).
  13. Ozone sanitizing in all rooms, common areas and food preparation areas.
  14. Room’s Air conditioning filters will be changed and replenished with anti-viral filters after each checkout


GBAC Certification

Our hotel has achieved GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, a Division of  ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. GBAC STAR™ ensures that our hotels are implementing the strictest cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention protocols. Learn more about our efforts to enhance cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention protocols here:

Certification information