Stepping into Villa Pliniana is like taking a step into a bygone era of luxury.

This 16th Century Italian palazzo set on 18 waterfront acres on the legendary Lake Como is the pinnacle of style and sophistication. With select interiors re-designed by the sensational Patricia Urquiola, the spaces balance effortlessly with the meticulously restored artworks and architectural structures that this immaculate villa boasts. Villa Pliniana offers the opportunity to recline under ceilings adorned with timeless frescos, walk through hallways of the most exquisite artworks, and relax against one of the most striking settings in the world.

Built in 1573. Villa Pliniana gets it’s name from native naturalists Plinio the Elder and Plinio the Younger, who are said to be the first to study the spring that flows from beneath the property.

The Villa has a unique history, and has been home to a variety of families over its many years- each contributing something new to its already impressive design, and playing an integral part in its restoration and preservation. The Visconti, the Canarisi and the Belgiojoso are among the families that resided within the vintage walls.

There is something breathtaking around every corner of this Italian palazzo, and we’ve compiled a photo-blog to give you a glimpse inside one of the most exquisite properties in the world.

If you’d like to experience the mesmerising architecture and design of Como’s historic Villa Pliniana first hand, visit the Sereno Hotels website, or email to make your booking.  

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