History Reborn into Modern Luxury

The monumental complex of Villa Pliniana (Torno), one of the oldest and most beautiful villa on Lake Como, has recovered its splendor thanks to a complete project of architectural conservation.

The intervention involved the restoration of damaged buildings and of the decorative furnishings such as paintings and carving and artistic works; recovery of the main floor so called “piano nobile” and reintroducing the helicoidal staircase.
The restoration has included other buildings that constitute the complex and in particular the Canarisi Chapel, the Casa Shelley, the Casa dei Plini, the Rifugio Da Vinci and the small Casa del The.

Cognitive and diagnostic investigations conducted both on site and in the laboratory where crucial for the success of the project. Thanks to these preliminary studies it has been possible to understand in detail the composition of the original materials, the techniques used, the state of conservation of the surfaces and the decorative elements.

  • Wooden Ceilings

    The restoration project of the Villa, also regarded the painted wooden ceilings, the wall paintings, the friezes on the perimeter walls, the frames in stucco and all the furniture.

  • Wall Paintings

    The restoration of the wall paintings was characterized by a surface cleaning that has allowed to effectively remove any repainting of previous maintenance restorations. A comparative study of the painting technique together with a historical and iconographic research aimed to identify the missing subjects, made it possible to recompose the missing parts of the friezes.

  • The Loggia Vault

    All molded frames have been exposed to an accurate cleaning; portions of compromised frames were fully reconstructed through the use of silicone molds.
    Deeper interventions concerned the “in arellato” vault of the central loggia which had been affected by the collapse of an extended portion.

  • Casa Shelley

    The peculiar zig-zag decorations in yellow and black of the external facades have been faithfully reproduced strictly respecting original colors and measures.
    The decorative band of lozenges with stylized flowers was reconstructed after digital processing that allowed to contrast and highlight the original tracks difficult to read.

  • Cappella Canarisi

    The restoration of the wall paintings was performed with different methodologies on the basis of the different painting techniques and the state of conservation of the different parts. The missing decoration was fully re-proposed thanks to the recreation of the original design. The final result was amazing.

  • Casa Del The

    The renovation involved plaster and exterior architectural elements. The little panoramic balcony of wrought iron was cleaned by micro-sandblasting and repainted. The terracotta decorations were cleaned and consolidated.