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A Sweet Tooth's Guide to St. Barths

A delightful island in more ways than one, St. Barths boasts an incredible selection of family-owned coffee shops and French-inspired bakeries. Much like what you’d find in Paris or Lyon, it’s a tantalizing proposition for sugar-loving visitors with a soft spot for anything from fresh croissants to homemade ice cream to handcrafted Crème Brûlée.

For those who can’t resist, below is our guide to the tasty temptations lurking behind every street corner:

Natural Delights

On a warm sunny day in St. Barths, nothing sounds better than a fresh serving of homemade ice cream to cool off and indulge. Natural Delights provides just that, offering a delicious assortment of flavors including pistachio, hazelnut, mango, passion fruit, gelato tiramisu, and many more. Plus, rest assured knowing this Gustavia favorite uses only the finest in natural ingredients—just as the name implies.

Find it: Rue Roi Oscar II, Gustavia

Candy & La Chocolaterie

If the fresh smell of Candy & La Chocolaterie’s rich, homemade chocolate doesn’t have you hooked, just wait till you get a taste. Filled with delicate cream and finely chopped nuts, these exquisite Belgian and French delicacies have taken the island by storm since the store opened in 2011. Sold in box sets of multiple flavors—from dark to milk to white chocolate—it’s the perfect party gift or a delicious reminder from your time on St. Barths.

Find it: Rue Roi Oscar II, Gustavia

Le Ti Marche

Refreshing, local, and incredibly delicious, Le Ti Marche is your go-to market for all things tropical fruit, from freshly squeezed juices to invigorating coconut water. Visitors can indulge in exotic delicacies from mango to passion fruit to pineapple to sugar apples, all of which are locally sourced from the island of Guadeloupe—where the owners split their time with St. Barths. Perfect for visitors looking for healthier sweets, be sure to swing by on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday before the week’s deliveries fly off the shelves.

Find it: Lorient

La Boulangerie Choisy

Anyone in search of a truly authentic French bakery experience can’t leave the island without visiting Boulangerie Choisy. Located on Rue du Roi Oscar in Gustavia, this traditional hotspot serves all the flaky pastries you’d expect from a quaint pâtisserie in France—all hot out of the oven that morning, of course. Served with a cup of fresh-pressed cappuccino, you can’t go wrong with a flaky croissant, homemade baguette, classic pain aux raisin, or anything else for that matter.

Find it: Lorient

La Petite Colombe

Complete with dozens of baked breads and pastries from pies to cakes to croissants, La Petite Colombe is a delectable place to start your day exploring the island. Not to be missed whether you visit the location in Lorient, Gustavia, or Colombier: a chocolate filled croissant (pain au chocolat) that is, in one word, heavenly.

Find it: Lorient, Gustavia, & Colombier

Le Petite Deauville

Popular among yacht visitors in Gustavia harbor, Le Petit Deauville is a St. Barths staple and a must-try for those craving homemade ice cream and sorbets with no additives or artificial flavoring. The store now has two locations—one next to the Sunset Hotel and the other on Rue Jeanne d’Arc—but you’ll also find them in various grocery stores and restaurants across the island. Every flavor is delicious, but if you must know, we especially recommend the chestnut and mango ice creams as well as the coconut sherbet.

Find it: Rue August Nyman, Gustavia

Maya's To-Go

A fast and convenient version of the island’s famous fine dining restaurant, Maya’s To-Go is the local favorite for all forms of quick-and-delicious treats like pastries, chocolates, truffles, and macaroons. Swing by before a trip to the beach and treat yourself to a delicious indulgence just as sweet as the view.

Find it: Les Galeries du Commerce, St. Jean

Tom's Juice Bar

As St. Barths’ only raw café, Tom’s Juice Bar is a favorite amongst nutritious eaters for its vast assortment of vitamin-packed smoothies, juices, snacks, and even desserts. Everything is made in-house, utilizing the finest in local flavors to create the quintessential Caribbean refreshment perfect for a warm sunny day. What’s more, the locale is as fresh as the ingredients—offering a sleek modern design right at the heart of Gustavia.

Find it: Passage de la Crémaillère, Gustavia

Le Sereno

For those who would rather not leave the comfort of their room to indulge in a tasty island delicacy, look no further than Restaurant Sereno. Freshly baked and straight to your door, Chef Alex Simone offers a wide selection of classic French sweets and pastries—like a Peanut Mousse with Caramelized Banana and Passion Fruit Sorbet or a Lemon Tart with a Crumbled Meringue and Strawberry Compote. Bon Appétit!


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