Chiudi Prenota

The Chefs

Sereno Hotels partnered with decorated Milan restaurateur Andrea Berton to lead Il Sereno’s signature restaurant, Ristorante Berton Al Lago. With more than 27 years of industry experience, Chef Berton is a celebrated and respected restaurateur who has won four Michelin stars across three restaurants in Milan. Berton is currently the chef of his newest namesake Ristorante Berton in the futuristic area of Milan, Porta Nuova Varesine, in addition to being owner and consultant of Milan Restaurant: DRY Cocktail & Pizza. Il Sereno tapped Raffaele Lenzi as executive chef of Ristorante Berton Al Lago, where he is responsible for the hotel’s daily culinary operations. Most recently the chef at the luxury TownHouse Galleria hotel in Milan, Lenzi has nearly 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, beginning with his first job at his family’s bakery. Lenzi has six years of international training between London, New York and Rome, and he has had the privilege of training under top, award winning chefs: Elio Sironi at Bulgari in Milan, Pino Lavarra to Rossellinis restaurant in Ravello, Stefano Baiocco a Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda in Italy. Il Sereno, Berton and Lenzi deliver, “Italian dishes that are enhanced with a modern twist,” which can be seen in the simple yet imaginative takes on classic dishes, like the Saffron Risotto made with Genovese ragout and mushroom powder or the Veal Milanese made with almonds, turnip tops and spicy sauce. Chef Berton’s new book is out, please click here for Vanity Fair Italy review.

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